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Haitian Proverbs Explained in New eBook, "Very Popular Haitian Creole Sayings, Phrases, and Expressions

Brief Book Review:

"Very Popular Haitian Creole Sayings, Phrases, and Expressions" helps you learn Haitian Creole and culture in no time. It provides you with the popular expressions, phrases, and sayings. You will be able to use them in context. The examples you will find in this ebook will encourage you to generate additional sentences.

"Very Popular Haitian Creole Sayings, Phrases, and Expressions" is a must-read ebook for everybody who has dreamed about understanding the double meaning of haitian talk hidden in the sayings. It comes equipped with the explanations of the most frequent proverbs.

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Free Samples of the ebook:

Very Popular Haitian Creole Phrases, Sayings, and Expressions
Haitian Sayings and Popular Wisdom in Context

Ki Jan Nou Di / How do you say
‘I Miss You, Happy Birthday, Happy New Year,
and Merry Christmas’ in Haitian Creole?

Lekti Kreyòl – Haitian Creole Reading

How do you say ‘flirt’ in Haitian Creole…?

**Why are you flirting with me like that? You are married!

**Poukisa wap file-m konsa? Ou gen madanm!

Abitid se vis – Habits (behavior patterns) lead to vices

Ki jan nou di ‘Bòn Ane epi Jwaye Nwèl’ an Kreyòl?

All Christmas Stuff – Tout Bagay Fèt Nowèl

Santa Claus etc – Papa Nwèl / Tonton Nwèl elatriye

Christmas and New Year Phrases – Fraz sou Nwèl ak Nouvèl Ane a

Happy New Year in Haitian Creole - Bòn Ane

M vle swete nou bòn fèt – I want to wish you a happy holiday season

Bòn Ane – Happy New Year (note that “nouvèl – new” is not said/used here)

Jwaye Nowèl – Merry Christmas

Bòn Fèt – Happy Birthday

M sonje ou anpil – I miss you a lot

Haitian Sayings in Context and with Explanations

Koukou wè lwen, men li pa wè dèyè tèt li – An owl can see very far, but it cannot see behind its head ( this saying preaches humility)

Tete pa janm two lou pou mèt yo – Breasts are never too heavy for their owners (this saying is about experience)

** Bay kou bliye, pote mak sonje – He who inflicts the blows forgets, but he who carries the scars never forgets. (This is used mostly when somebody will seek revenge. You may have gotten away with the mistreatment of somebody for a long time, but some day, he or she will fight back and give you a fatal blow. This is often used against wife beaters or girlfriend beaters or bullies or dictatorial regimes or authorities who mistreat the people)

*** Bouch granmoun santi, men pawòl ki sot nan bouch li bay sajès – A grownup’s mouth may smell, but the words that come from his mouth are pure wisdom (This saying exists to encourage young men and women to listen to adults’ instructions)

*** Ti nèg sa-a anmèdan anpil – Li toujou ap chache-m kont – This young man is a bully. He always looks forward to picking a fight with me.

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Tonton - Tio
Tant - Tia

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