Saturday, January 30, 2010

10 Americans from an Idaho Church Arrested in Haiti over Illegal (paperless) Adoptions of Haitian Children: Rescue or Adoption Efforts and Nightmare

This news must have been some type of mistake.  Confusion over the paperwork may have led to the arrests. 

In Haiti, there are new orphans, quake orphans.  Many groups and countries are trying to help them.  They need to remember that they are dealing with a sovereign country that has been brought down to its knees by the quake.

Many people have been trying to move children out of the country.  Orphans from God's Littlest Children, an orphanage from Port-au-Prince, were sent to France, Canada, USA and Netherlands aboard chartered flights.

The Americans detained by Haitian police include, from left, Steve McMullen, Jim Allen, Carla Thompson, Silas Thompson, Paul Thompson, Laura Silsby, Drew Culborth and Nicole Lankford. The group is affiliated with a Baptist church in Idaho.

"State Department officials confirmed that U.S. citizens had been arrested while applying to enter the Dominican Republic with a group of children. They said consular officials were seeking access to them and were providing all possible assistance."

Taking Haitian Children across the border with the Dominican Republic without the right paperwork is highly discouraged to avoid confusion, arrests and headache in a country that has seen so much suffering. 

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