Friday, April 30, 2010

Free Lesson Kreyol Pou Prezidan Barack Obama ak Premye Dam Michelle Obama - Free Haitian Creole Lesson for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Podcast
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Vokabule - Vocabulary - Vocabulario

Mèsi bokou – thanks very much – muchas gracias

Fèk – recent past (just) – acabar de

Sòt –recent past (just) – acabar de

Pa egzanp: M Fèk Sòt manje. M pa grangou kounye-a

Sòt – imbecile – tonto

(Nèg Sòt (dumb guy) is an insult. It is the opposite of ‘Nèg fò (smart or intelligent guy)!
Pa egzanp: Tout moun konnen Prezidan Clinton ak Prezidan Obama se Nèg fò –

EveryEveryone knows that President Clinton and President Obama are smart guys!

Cultural Notes: In general, Haitians love Nèg fò. They will even borrow money to send their kids to school so they can get educated. They admire Nèg fò.

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